Are you disillusioned with dubious, shallow pick-up artistry but still require a wing-woman? 

Do you face the barrier of being seen as socially less developed or atypically developed and thus being overlooked socially?

Would you benefit from an objective someone that understands first-hand, these barriers?

 Perhaps you need a wing-woman?

Ditch the days of nervously approaching men or women you are interested in with lame pick-up lines. Invest in a wing-woman to break the ice for you and keep you out of trouble!

What in the world is a wing-woman? A wing-woman does the following and more:

– Hanging out with you, to give you perceived social-value.
– Speaking well of you before you are introduced by the Wing-woman.
– Breaking the ice between you and the person you want to interact with.
– Engaging the friends of the person you are interested in so you can talk with your interestee.
– Diplomatically rescuing you when you no longer want to interact.
– Give moral support where you might otherwise be on your own, or not go out.

You may not realise this, but often the person you are interested in can feel restricted if they are with friends that don’t get much attention.

They may feel the need to shut out new people that are interested in them but not their friends.

A wing-woman can help out by engaging with the friends, leaving the one you are interested in free as they are happy their friends have someone to talk to.

Many wing-women are so attractive; a 9 or 10 and uber-cool and that it seems unlikely that you would be chosen by them as a real friend and this spells out that you hired her. Perhaps social inherent skills meant that she didn’t understand first-hand what it is like to be the nerd or assumed to be a nerd.

Perhaps you feel it would feel more realistic to hand out with a 7 – 8 like me as there won’t appear to be a mismatch between you and me hanging out together. I can go under the radar!

Even if your looks make you a 10, if your social demeanour is a 6 or below, you can get marked down.

Wing-woman Fee
£60 first hour. £25 per 1/2 hour thereafter.

For photos of me dressed up see bottom of Event Companion page.

If you get certain benefits or proven low-income then I can offer reduced rates. Please contact me about this. Please put Wing-woman in the subject bar.