Event Companion / Fake Girlfriend

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Do you get frustrated turning up at weddings, Bar-mitzvahs, funerals and social events and being pitied and judged as a loser?

It sort of goes like this doesn’t it –

– Aunts and Grannies treat you like you are still a child.
– Friends and siblings feel sorry for you.
– Loved-up acquaintances behave smugly.
– Couples avoid you as they don’t want to feel they are looking after the single person!

Don’t you find that the get older you get the more pressure is put on you by relatives and loved-up friends?

Perhaps it is not family occasions you have this issue with. Are you fed up of going alone to events and social gatherings? Or worse still, not going as you don’t have friends to go with and don’t want to go alone?

Maybe you work in an industry where being in a relationship makes you part of the in-crowd or makes you appear more stable and mature and thus a better prospect to give more responsibility to.

Want a way to get these people off your back and earn the respect that comes from being seen to be with someone?

Perhaps you want to avoid the hassle of a relationship, but need to ‘appear’ to be in one?

Have you ever thought of an Event Companion or fake girlfriend?

Hire me and get the rellies or colleagues off your back at the upcoming event you are dreading!

An Event Companion accompanies people that need someone to be seen with, or simply attend events and social or business engagements with.

Perhaps you have used an event companion before and people suspected you had hired her as she was so attractive; a 9 or 10.

Or she was uber-cool and that made it also seem unlikely that you would be chosen by her as a real friend.

Perhaps a 7 – 8, like me, is less likely to appear to be a mismatch for you to hang out with.

Even if your looks make you a 10, if your social demeanour is a seen as a 6 or below, you can still get marked down.  People’s expectations of who you’d be acquainted with would be lower.

Perhaps her cool status meant that she didn’t understand first-hand what it is like to be the nerd or assumed to be a nerd and be overlooked socially.

So, if you require a fake colleague, acquaintance, friend or girlfriend to keep the pitying looks and comments at bay, then I can be that for you!

Although I am heterosexual I can be fake girlfriend to woman as well as men.

Contact me in interested in hiring me. Please put Event Companion  or Fake Girlfriend in the subject bar. Whilst as fake girlfriend I am happy to hold hands and use appropriate body language to give the impression we are a couple; I will make it clear – this not a front for prostitution!

£60 for first hour £25 per 1/2 thereafter.

You might wonder if I will accompany you without wearing my glasses. If this is important then I might do (depending on the type of event). But I do not wear contacts and will have difficulty seeing distance and detail.