Mentoring and Life-coaching. What are they? 

Mentoring is using expertise gained from lived experience to help guide other people.

Life-coaching supports personal and professional growth and the achLife-coaching tools imageievement of reaching goals.  

It is self-initiated and directed with objective support.

Positive emotions and outlooks may be a natural outcome of -life-coaching, but the primary focus is on creating actionable strategies for achieving specific goals in one’s life.

The focuses in a coaching relationship are self-discovery, action, accountability, and follow-through.
Life-coaching does not include advising and certainly not counselling. It concentrates on helping people to see their desires and needs more clearly and in reaching objectives.

Though with Love-coaching (romantic love), it is normal to sometimes give advice.

Love-coaching image

We all deserve to have a love-life. Many of us have difficulties in this area and need support. 

How can I help you discover your inner-self and create the life and relationships you desire?

We create an emotionally safe space for you to connect with your inner-self and feelings. You can then express who you are without being judged.
Some of the things we look at:
– any false and limiting beliefs you hold.
– your goals and barriers around them.
– your strong points.

We then devise a plan of how to aim for your goals.

As I have AS myself, I understand how it can be very difficult to define the specific problems related to AS and relating. I also understand how the resulting dismissive attitudes of others, to our problems, can often create anxiety.

Contact me for a free Zoom trial session to see if we are a good fit.


Online coaching £50 1 hour £30 1/2 hour
In-person coaching £60 1 hour (within London’s 6 zones)

Standard Mentoring or Coaching packages
6x 1 hour online mentoring or coaching sessions
– Buy 5 at £50 each get another one free [total £250])
6 x 1 hour in-person mentoring or coaching session (within London’s 6 zones)
– Buy 5 at £60 each get another one free [total £300]).

If you get certain benefits or proven low-income then I can offer reduced rates. Please contact me about this.