Coaching – Mentoring

Life-coaching for self-development and goal attainment.
Love-coaching for working towards looking for empowered love.
Mentoring – Guidance with lived experience of overcoming barriers.


Aiding introductions where you are too shy to approach.
A wing-woman gives credibility and reassures people who fear being approached by a person alone.
A wing-woman can engage the friends of the person you are interested in talking to.

Event Companion

Accompanying you to events or simply going out with you so you don’t need to go alone.
Dinner, theater, sports, business, family, social events.
Something different? Just ask and see.


“I have on-going coaching from Debra. Her method has literally changed my personal life, particularly the relationship with myself and, as a consequence, also intimacy. I like her non-judgmental attitude, her open mindedness, her deep listening ability and the skillful way in which she uses direct feedback to trigger change. I strongly recommend Debra’s coaching.”

Alexa C. Roma.

I have had several online coaching sessions with Debra which involved her using NLP techniques, with particularly excellent non-judgmental listening skills. I have difficulties understanding concepts which can seem obvious to other people. Often people show their impatience with this. Debra was very patient and understanding about this and also was able to explain some of the NLP concepts to me in a way which made it easier for me to understand how they were being used.

She was able to help me move forward with understanding some of the sub conscious self sabotaging thoughts which were holding me back from achieving my goals. She also helped me, using NLP techniques, to give up coffee, which I had been unable to do previously.

I would not hesitate to recommend Debra for online coaching, particularly if a person has a lack of confidence around understanding new concepts.

Diane S

Debra made it easy to discuss intimate sexual issues I was experiencing. She supported me to look for practical steps to address issues such as my addiction to internet pornography.

She left me with access to states which increased my confidence and enthusiasm as well as to a relaxed state.
I was able to utilise this to increase my confidence at a recent job interview. I was successful at this job interview and believe Debra’s coaching helped me get the job.

I would recommend investing time with Debra to anybody who is interested in overcoming sexual or anxiety based issues in their life. Debra is friendly, professional and discreet.

Chris B